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Make sure your voice is heard

Who runs your world?

My children!


Which woman/women empower/s you?

The one person that has driven and inspired me to follow my dreams and to never let being a woman be an excuse is my mum. My mum certainly leads by example. In her late sixties she fulfilled one of her life long dreams which was to open a vegetarian restaurant against all advice, given she had no experience of the restaurant trade. She doesn’t let any obstacles get in her way. She taught me that it’s never too late to achieve something you want.

I realise that my role models are often much closer to home. Women who excel in what they choose to do, whatever that is are truly empowering. We will achieve and we can achieve.


How does gender impact on your life/work experiences?

In the legal sector I feel that the gender balance is still a bit off kilter. Having a workplace that is diverse and inclusive encourages better business – varying degrees of views, ideas and creativity/productivity. I truly believe that only when you have a truly diverse and inclusive workplace can the business start to fulfill its true potential


What do you think the future holds for women both in your field and in the workplace overall?

I’m really optimistic; things are changing and for the better – not necessarily at the pace I’d like it to change, but there’s definitely a lot more awareness. People are realising the power women bring to the table, and the advantages of women in positions of authority. It is great to see so many women feeling empowered.

Working practices are changing to embrace the demands of a modern life – blind recruitment to remove bias, flexible working and job shares all help us to progress in the workplace. There’s still a long way to go to rectify the gender pay gap however, but with annual reporting and other measures, we’re definitely heading in the right direction.


What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

We all have a role to play and we all have a responsibility to play that role and make a difference. Don’t look back and regret anything – do it now! Call out bad behaviour and make sure your voice is heard.  Don’t forget men are part of this conversation – they should be helping to make that difference – and most importantly, remember to keep your standards high!