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Yolart – RISE at River Festival

In a brand new commission as part of RISE, the Pier Head in Liverpool will play host to in-demand artist, Yolart. Yolart creates large scale reinterpretations of classic paintings and traditional imagery and then presents them as part of the urban landscape.

By using members of local communities as the stars of the work, Yolart’s pieces carry huge emotional weight and are able to tackle challenging stories and themes in an engaging and accessible way.

Called Reclaiming Babel, this new work is a celebration of the diversity of women living in Liverpool and aims to highlight the positive impact shared experience and interaction can have in creating social cohesion and community.


Artist Statement

The Old Testament tale of the Tower of Babel is more than a Biblical story. Versions of it have been told throughout history from ancient Mesopotamia and prehispanic Mexico to Native America and Southeast Asia.

At the core of all of these stories, is how humanity falls apart without a common language and understanding. About how it is the simple act of speaking and sharing stories and ideas which can create community and understanding.

This message is important today more than ever, as in a society which is getting ever more diverse and culturally rich, we search to find ways to understand each other, and to work and live together.

For me the symbolic reconstruction of the tower is a metaphor for a common goal we can achieve by reuniting and combining our efforts.


Community Groups

Yolart worked with groups from across Liverpool in order to create a compelling representation of the modern experience of women in Liverpool. Click the names below to find out more about the groups.

20 Stories High Youth Theatre

Everton in the Community Girls

Girls United – Harthill Youth Centre

Liverpool Arabic Centre


Pagoda Arts


Young Everyman Playhouse


Other groups involved include Somali Woman’s Group, Drop in at Kuumba Imani Centre, Dorcas Sebuyange, Brodie Arthur, Diane Garrison, Muna Sahary, and Ellen Boyland.